It means simply making our customers comfortable when they walk through our doors! Our goal is to provide comfort that lasts day after day! Our customer service is not just the best, but unforgettable! Come in to Walk Happy today to find real solutions to your foot pain, starting with a FREE foot evaluation!

Welcome to Walk Happy!

You’ve come to the right place to find the very best in foot comfort, support and care. We are locally based in Novi, Michigan, and dedicated to helping customers find the best solutions for pain relief and maintaining healthy, happy feet!

Your feet…

They take you everywhere you need to go.  You have no choice but to use them for every step you take, all your life.  Even when it hurts.

Every day, people walk into Walk Happy in pain and walk out amazed at how easy it is to find relief.  Our custom-fitted arch supports give you the balance and energy you want and the relief you need, whether you have bunions, work on your feet all day or just want to go through the day with more pep in your step.

Here’s why:

As the foundation of your body, if your feet are not in alignment, your entire skeletal structure becomes misaligned.  This forces your body to try to compensate for the lack of balance.  Muscles and tendons pull unnaturally and joints wear unevenly which can lead to muscle fatigue and foot, ankle, knee, hip or back problems.

You need to properly support your feet so they can support you.  Sadly, nearly 90% of people will develop painful foot-related problems because they lack this support.  Don’t let this happen to you!

If you’re in pain, don’t wait another day.

If you’re not in pain, don’t wait until you are.

Visit Walk Happy today!

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